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Reginald Azevedo

His work as a dance photographer is part of the collection of countless Brazilian Companies and Groups such as: Black Swan Dance Company, São Paulo Dance Company, Stagium Ballet, Ballet of the City of São Paulo, Ballet of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, Palace of the Arts, Race of Dance, Step of Art, Studio of Black Swan Ballet, Pavilion D and many others.

By photographing shows from both dance schools and professional companies, his photographic collection is a true history of the dance of our country and has often recorded the trajectory of an artist from his initiation in Baby Class until his consecration as a professional.

The result of his immense record in dance is due to his artistic look at this important art, combined with advanced technology resources and a multidisciplinary team of great technical quality, that makes his RAPHOTO Studio a photography reference of Brazilian dance, since allows you to have in seconds historical photos of shows or professionals of the dance of the whole country.

His work on dance photos consists of Yearbooks, Dance Books, Art Books, Exhibitions, among others.

Reginaldo Azevedo also has numerous works in Opera and Theater shows.